The CEELG was established in early 2017 as a research and teaching unit of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, University of Wrocław, concentrated on aspects of European economic integration with implications for EU law and governance. It is committed to pursue interdisciplinary research on legal and institutional setups in their economic, political and social setups.


Areas of particular interest to the researchers of the CEELG are broad in scope, covering:

  • laws, institutions and policies of the Economic and Monetary Union,
  • European policies towards financial systems and institutions,
  • European trade and tax arrangements,
  • European climate and energy policies,
  • European frameworks for technology and innovation, as well as in
  • redistribution and welfare at the national and European levels.


We do not engage in abstract academic debates. Instead, in our research we want to understand how rules, institutional actors and their policies interact with real-life developments and how to improve these interactions for the benefit of European societies. For this reason our research is inherently interdisciplinary and future-oriented.


The Centre is headed by Prof. UWr. dr. hab. Dariusz Adamski, author of “Redefining European Economic Integration”, Cambridge University Press 2018.